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Skilled Training

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Skilled Training Centre

DUAL GLOBE is a skilled training centre in Chennai, India liaise with authorised testing centre (OTC) in India and Bangladesh.

We provide skill trade training of electrical, plumbing, timber/aluminium form work, ducting, plastering, tiling, ceiling partition, precast kerb, steel reinforcement, thermal insulation, waterproofing & suspended ceiling installation.

  • Training will be provided with trainer who has 10+ years experience in the related industries.
  • Providing accommodation with all the felicities.
  • Food will be provided during the training period.

Skill / Trade

Electrical Wiring Inst.

Installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical control, wiring, and lighting systems. Reading technical diagrams and blueprints. Performing general electrical maintenance. Inspecting transformers, circuit breakers, and other electrical components.

Plumbing & Pipe Fitting

Assemble, install, and make changes in pipe systems used to carry water, steam, air, and other liquids and gases. They install plumbing fixtures, such as bathtubs and toilets. They also install heating and refrigeration units.

Form Work

Installing and repairing temporary frameworks that support the building process during construction. These temporary structures can be made out of various materials but are most commonly either wood or metal and are used to help the moulding of concrete and other materials.


Cutting and joining metals and other materials at our facilities or construction sites. You will be working wit the latest technology and equipment to put together mechanical structures or parts with a great deal of precision.

Ducting Installation

Responsible for installing air conditioning and ventilation equipment, designing and installing ducts and duct fittings, doing paperwork, adhering to company procedures, and following safety procedures.

Steel Reinforcement work

Figuring out the quantity, size, and shapes of reinforcing rods and determining where to place them. Preparing rebar and mesh for installation using metal shears, hacksaws, and torches. Bending or welding rebar together. Installing cables.


 Roofer will be responsible for helping to repair roofs using liquid materials. Could be clearing the work site, performing crack injection, Epoxy crack injection.


Working quickly to mix and apply different kinds of plaster to internal walls and ceilings. Carrying out solid plastering and applying wet finishes. Dry lining, i.e. fixing internal plasterboard or wallboard partitions.


Tile and marble setters are responsible for installing hard tiles, wood, and marble in homes and offices. They determine the tile or marble pattern layout.

Precast Kerb & Drain Laying

Installation of precast concrete, This includes hollowcore panels, wall panels, beams, columns, bleachers and balconies. Position requires travel to and from job sites where long hours are involved.
Assemble and maintain drainage and dewatering systems. They lay tubes or drainpipes to dry out the ground of a certain structure in order to put a hold to imminent groundwater. This work is usually performed under pavements and in basements.

Doors & Windows Installation (Timber)

Installing new doors or windows in existing structures. Installing new door hardware such as door knobs, door levers, deadbolts, and hinges. Installing windows in new construction projects.

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